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Ivy LaClair is a co-active coach and cofounder of Motivational Millennial, a personal development company that helps members of the Millennial generation successfully pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.

About Motivational Millennial: Through coaching, workshops, and blog posts, Motivational Millennial aims to support Millennials (born 1980-2000) in living a fulfilling life and doing work that is meaningful to them. They also produce a podcast, the goal of which is to highlight the amazing work of Millennials who are living life with a sense of purpose and inspire others to do the same. To learn more, please visit www.motivationalmillennial.com.



About Coaching: Ivy is a co-active coach being trained in the Co-Active Coaching® model at the Coaches Training Institute® in San Rafael, CA. She is passionate about helping people live their most fulfilling lives, and believes whole-heartedly in the power every person has to create a life they love. Through a coaching relationship with Ivy you will find encouragement, support, accountability, and intuitive care. Her style is both calm and passionate as she is committed to helping you connect with your true self and achieve your goals.

To learn more about co-active coaching or to setup a free 30-minute sample session, please contact Ivy LaClair at ivy@motivationalmillennial.com.


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Shuai Chen


Shuai Chen says, “My goal is to create impact wherever I go, helping founders and founding teams start and scale their social enterprises and nonprofits organizations with fundraising, strategy, brainstorming and program development consulting. I am a creative and strategic person who thrives in fast paced, authentic, collaborative, and purposeful environments. I enjoy wearing many hats, learning new things and connecting the dots.
Deliberately building community, insatiably learning, and fearlessly spreading creativity and joy.”

Check out my current adventures here: https://shuaichensf.wordpress.com/

Shuai Chen is a Nonprofit Consultant, Community Builder, Insatiable Learner and Juggler of too many projects. She has extensive experience in organizational management, marketing, strategic partnerships, fundraising, board stewardship, program coordination, community building, event coordination corporate teambuilding and Human Centered Design. Her mission is to deliberately build community, insatiably learn, and fearlessly spread creativity and joy.

Here are some of the projects that she is currently working on:

Middle Circle: Curiosity, Community and Social Good. Middle Circle is a social enterprise created through using the Human Centered Design approach to answer this question: How might we create chuch-like community in progressive urban areas? Middle circle community sits between your inner circle (family & close friends) and your outer circle (barista at your local coffee shop, the person you run into occasionally at the gym). Middle Circles are intended to be communities that foster belonging, hold common connections, and develop a shared identity.  http://www.middlecircle.org/

Women Helping Women: Designed through a Human Centered Design course, Women Helping Women hosts skill swaps to help women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs survive and thrive.

NOW! Festival: The No Ordinary Week’s challenge is to co-create the best version of our community for one extraordinary week semi-annually in San Francisco. Nowsf.org

Visitacion Valley Community Festival: The 9th Annual Visitacion Valley Community Festival will be held October 11, 2015.

MIT Startup Connector: The MIT Startup Connector brings together private companies, alums (MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech) and angel investors in a high-energy networking fair.  Companies come seeking new team members to help them grow.  Alums get a look at companies in a wide variety of growth stages. The companies range from early stage startups to larger pre-IPO companies. The event provides an evening of casual conversations and technical discussion that showcases the uniqueness of each company and the opportunities available.

Creativity4Everyone Blog: To inspire creativity, Shuai created a blog that features creativity, creative reuse and design thinking. She blogs about interesting new creative projects, techniques and events. https://creativity4everyone.wordpress.com/

DIY MBA: Shuai’s insatiable thirst for knowledge let her to create a Do It Yourself MBA program to fill in the gaps in her knowledge and skill-sets. Follow her learning adventures on her DIY MBA blog: https://shuaichendiymba.wordpress.com/

You can get in touch with Shuai at shuai.chen@alum.mit.edu.

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Batul Dostmohammed

BatulBatul Dostmohammed – Founder & Event Manager

Azureius – Events with Intelligence
Art, design, and enthusiasm to help others eventually led me to a career in event planning. My years in the events industry have allowed me to volunteer and manage many events, with a heavy focus on corporate meetings, trade-shows, team-building and fundraisers.

I founded Azureius, an event management company in early 2015, where we offer creative, custom solutions for your event needs with special attention given to promoting and incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

Some of services offered are:

  • Program planning and design
  • Budget management
  • Venue selection
  • Coordination with the destination management company
  • Event app customization
  • Marketing plan
  • On-site management

Contact information: batul@azureius.com



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Rachel Katz, M.A., M.Ed

Rachel Katz of The Urban Spirit: Down-to-earth path-finding for the inquisitive spirit

www.theurbanspirit.com         rachel@theurbanspirit.com

rach bodhi eyeing cameraMy diverse skills and interests allow me to work in a variety of roles and capacities, including spiritual direction, qualitative research, working with death and loss, writing, the human-animal bond. Whether it’s exploring their spiritual journey, or coping with death and illness, or healing from pet loss, the thread that runs through all of my work is my passion for supporting others in their growth and healing. It’s not only about grief; it’s also about joy and laughter.

I am a spiritual guide who helps passionate, curious women explore the big questions and live a life of intention. With a background in counseling psychology and spiritual guidance, I offer compassionate and focused reflection in every session and in daily life.

The Urban Spirit may be for you if:

  • You’re curious about how to connect with the sacred in your life
  • You consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” agnostic, atheist, spiritually eclectic or feel you don’t identify with any particular category
  • You yearn for something less prescriptive, fresher, and more creative than traditional psychotherapy or self-help books
  • You would like to abandon or make peace with a religion you were raised with, or explore ways of complementing your childhood faith with spiritual ideas and practices that speak to you now


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Organizing as a Path to Greater Consciousness by Sahina

Organizing as a Path to Greater Consciousness

Being ‘at home’ in your home is about:

1) Having a conscious, healthy relationship with your home: you are in a very intimate relationship with your space. Like any close relationship, it needs love, care and attention – if that’s what you’d like to get back from it. Be honest with yourself about what still serves you and makes you happy to have around you, in your home.

2) Loving yourself: Choose to feel happy, comfortable, peaceful, nurtured, at ease, supported (or however you want to feel) in your home. If you love yourself, why wouldn’t you?

3) Knowing yourself and honoring your truth: know your personal needs & preferences – in furniture, style, color, textures, aromas etc – and be true to that. Create your own unique space, that’s an authentic expression of you. If you live with others, it’s a co-creation, where everyone’s needs can be heard and met.

4) Freedom of choice: you’re free to create your space however you – and your partner/family – want to. There are no rules. What matters most is that it works for YOU. It’s not about impressing others, but rather about owning your freedom of choice.

5) Living in present time: keep your home current, so it can support you living in present time, and moving towards the future you want. Too many things that remind you of the past constantly draw you back into the past. Be aware of when it’s time to shed stuff.

6) Take full responsibility: you are fully responsible for how you create your space (whether you own or rent). If you’re not happy with it, then take some action!


On a scale of 1 – 10, how satisfied/happy are you with your home?   ______

Room by room: living room _____ bedroom(s)_____   kitchen_____   dining room_____

Bathroom_____ home office_____ guest room_____ garage________ other__________

If it’s not a 10, what improvements could you make?

Your home in general: What needs to happen in order for you to increase your level of satisfaction – in practical ways? aesthetically?

Room by room: Which room has the lowest rating ? What could you do to make it a 10?

What might you add / remove / change to bring you more joy, pleasure and satisfaction in each room you’d like to improve upon?

Sahina ~ Home As Sanctuary ~ 415 – 750 1241 ~ http://www.Sahina.Weebly.com

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Dr. Kirsten Hill

Dr. Kirsten Hill is Owner / Director of Dance With Life Chiropractic

Dance With Life Chiropractic: Helping Business Professionals Achieve Success with Exceptional Health


Dr. Kirsten Hill founded Dance With Life Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in 2007with the goal of helping people rediscover health, well-being and passion for life. Dance With Life Chiropractic is the Inner Sunset’s premier wellness center, specializing in health services and education for ambitious professionals, athletes and dancers, busy families with children, and anyone who is ready for a fresh approach to healthcare.

As a licensed chiropractor since 2004, Dr. Kirsten has a gentle approach to hands-on care that facilitates deep healing by restoring balance in the spine and nervous system. Her practice skills include release of pain, core health support, injury and trauma recovery, emotional well-being, pre-natal care and pediatric adjustments.  Dr. Kirsten believes that internal alignment with our life’s purpose and personal values is a vital part of sustaining physical alignment and health. Thus, her chiropractic mission is to bring people to a state of wholeness on all levels–body, heart and soul.

As a wellness speaker, Dr. Kirsten helps people discover new insights about healthy living, gather practical tools for self-care, and enrich their lives.  Dr. Kirsten earned her chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West and also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas.  When not busy adjusting or inspiring people, Dr. Kirsten “dances with life” by spending time with her husband and daughter, studying languages, cooking, reading and walking.

ENJOY OUR VIDEO!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfpUJE-oNvo

Kirsten Hill, D.C.
Dance With Life Chiropractic
1475 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 564-7000  www.dwlchiro.com


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Deepak Chopra on Object Referral and Self-Referral

Whenever you feel powerless or fearful, it’s because you are in a state of object-referral. You define yourself through objects, which include people, situations, titles, possessions, accomplishments. By their very nature, objects change, so as long as your identity is tied to objects or the opinion of others, your life will feel unstable. In object-referral, you feel good when your business is strong, your investments are appreciating, or when your romantic partner is happy with you. But when sales are down, the market plummets and your relationship is challenged, you feel insecure and worried.

Self-referral, in contrast, is identifying with your inner self – the unchanging essence of your soul. In this state you have an internal sense of joy regardless of what is happening around you because you aren’t identified with transient objects or events. In self-referral, you experience your true being, which doesn’t fear any challenge, has respect for all people, and feels beneath no one. Fear drops away and there is no compulsion to control and no struggle for approval or external power. As you experience self-referral, you pierce the mask of illusion that creates separation and fragmentation and know that you are an inextricable part of the field of infinite intelligence.


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