Shuai Chen


Shuai Chen says, “My goal is to create impact wherever I go, helping founders and founding teams start and scale their social enterprises and nonprofits organizations with fundraising, strategy, brainstorming and program development consulting. I am a creative and strategic person who thrives in fast paced, authentic, collaborative, and purposeful environments. I enjoy wearing many hats, learning new things and connecting the dots.
Deliberately building community, insatiably learning, and fearlessly spreading creativity and joy.”

Check out my current adventures here:

Shuai Chen is a Nonprofit Consultant, Community Builder, Insatiable Learner and Juggler of too many projects. She has extensive experience in organizational management, marketing, strategic partnerships, fundraising, board stewardship, program coordination, community building, event coordination corporate teambuilding and Human Centered Design. Her mission is to deliberately build community, insatiably learn, and fearlessly spread creativity and joy.

Here are some of the projects that she is currently working on:

Middle Circle: Curiosity, Community and Social Good. Middle Circle is a social enterprise created through using the Human Centered Design approach to answer this question: How might we create chuch-like community in progressive urban areas? Middle circle community sits between your inner circle (family & close friends) and your outer circle (barista at your local coffee shop, the person you run into occasionally at the gym). Middle Circles are intended to be communities that foster belonging, hold common connections, and develop a shared identity.

Women Helping Women: Designed through a Human Centered Design course, Women Helping Women hosts skill swaps to help women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs survive and thrive.

NOW! Festival: The No Ordinary Week’s challenge is to co-create the best version of our community for one extraordinary week semi-annually in San Francisco.

Visitacion Valley Community Festival: The 9th Annual Visitacion Valley Community Festival will be held October 11, 2015.

MIT Startup Connector: The MIT Startup Connector brings together private companies, alums (MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech) and angel investors in a high-energy networking fair.  Companies come seeking new team members to help them grow.  Alums get a look at companies in a wide variety of growth stages. The companies range from early stage startups to larger pre-IPO companies. The event provides an evening of casual conversations and technical discussion that showcases the uniqueness of each company and the opportunities available.

Creativity4Everyone Blog: To inspire creativity, Shuai created a blog that features creativity, creative reuse and design thinking. She blogs about interesting new creative projects, techniques and events.

DIY MBA: Shuai’s insatiable thirst for knowledge let her to create a Do It Yourself MBA program to fill in the gaps in her knowledge and skill-sets. Follow her learning adventures on her DIY MBA blog:

You can get in touch with Shuai at

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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