Organizing as a Path to Greater Consciousness by Sahina

Organizing as a Path to Greater Consciousness

Being ‘at home’ in your home is about:

1) Having a conscious, healthy relationship with your home: you are in a very intimate relationship with your space. Like any close relationship, it needs love, care and attention – if that’s what you’d like to get back from it. Be honest with yourself about what still serves you and makes you happy to have around you, in your home.

2) Loving yourself: Choose to feel happy, comfortable, peaceful, nurtured, at ease, supported (or however you want to feel) in your home. If you love yourself, why wouldn’t you?

3) Knowing yourself and honoring your truth: know your personal needs & preferences – in furniture, style, color, textures, aromas etc – and be true to that. Create your own unique space, that’s an authentic expression of you. If you live with others, it’s a co-creation, where everyone’s needs can be heard and met.

4) Freedom of choice: you’re free to create your space however you – and your partner/family – want to. There are no rules. What matters most is that it works for YOU. It’s not about impressing others, but rather about owning your freedom of choice.

5) Living in present time: keep your home current, so it can support you living in present time, and moving towards the future you want. Too many things that remind you of the past constantly draw you back into the past. Be aware of when it’s time to shed stuff.

6) Take full responsibility: you are fully responsible for how you create your space (whether you own or rent). If you’re not happy with it, then take some action!


On a scale of 1 – 10, how satisfied/happy are you with your home?   ______

Room by room: living room _____ bedroom(s)_____   kitchen_____   dining room_____

Bathroom_____ home office_____ guest room_____ garage________ other__________

If it’s not a 10, what improvements could you make?

Your home in general: What needs to happen in order for you to increase your level of satisfaction – in practical ways? aesthetically?

Room by room: Which room has the lowest rating ? What could you do to make it a 10?

What might you add / remove / change to bring you more joy, pleasure and satisfaction in each room you’d like to improve upon?

Sahina ~ Home As Sanctuary ~ 415 – 750 1241 ~

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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