Dr. Kirsten Hill

Dr. Kirsten Hill is Owner / Director of Dance With Life Chiropractic

Dance With Life Chiropractic: Helping Business Professionals Achieve Success with Exceptional Health


Dr. Kirsten Hill founded Dance With Life Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in 2007with the goal of helping people rediscover health, well-being and passion for life. Dance With Life Chiropractic is the Inner Sunset’s premier wellness center, specializing in health services and education for ambitious professionals, athletes and dancers, busy families with children, and anyone who is ready for a fresh approach to healthcare.

As a licensed chiropractor since 2004, Dr. Kirsten has a gentle approach to hands-on care that facilitates deep healing by restoring balance in the spine and nervous system. Her practice skills include release of pain, core health support, injury and trauma recovery, emotional well-being, pre-natal care and pediatric adjustments.  Dr. Kirsten believes that internal alignment with our life’s purpose and personal values is a vital part of sustaining physical alignment and health. Thus, her chiropractic mission is to bring people to a state of wholeness on all levels–body, heart and soul.

As a wellness speaker, Dr. Kirsten helps people discover new insights about healthy living, gather practical tools for self-care, and enrich their lives.  Dr. Kirsten earned her chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West and also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas.  When not busy adjusting or inspiring people, Dr. Kirsten “dances with life” by spending time with her husband and daughter, studying languages, cooking, reading and walking.

ENJOY OUR VIDEO!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfpUJE-oNvo

Kirsten Hill, D.C.
Dance With Life Chiropractic
1475 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 564-7000  www.dwlchiro.com


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