Natasha Zellerbach, CMP

I am excited to support small businesses as they embed sustainability in their core culture so all their activities are informed and infused with sustainability. Arising from my passion and enthusiasm for sustainability, I bring my expertise as I
– Do research for my clients’ sustainability needs
– Build strategic partnerships with public city and county utilities and waste management resources
– Facilitate Green Teams that educate, engage and empower people to act in more sustainable ways. Green Teams are dedicated to facilitating an organization’s sustainability program through education, increasing awareness of sustainable best practices, by stimulating ideas and actions for improvement.

Specialties: Sustainability, Building Partnerships, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Needs Assessment

I value working collaboratively, creating synergy where everyone is aligned to a common purpose. I strive for smooth running communications with emphasis on a process towards wholeness, leaving a garland of gratitude.


Natasha Zellerbach, CMP,
Certified Sustainability Champion
(415) 673-3487 Office

Sustainability Enthusiasts Meetup:

Zellerbach Associates: Your Partners For Sustainability‚ĄĘ

or contact Natasha through Women of Vision,

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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