Business Clinic background

Women of Vision are a select group of entrepreneurs, each heading her own business that is socially responsible and deeply ethical. Each has a vision for helping people and businesses, and are ready to go to the next level bringing her vision into reality.

What inspired this Business Clinic? Women of Vision-San Francisco first hosted Brooke Dawson in 2010. She is a former Naval Officer and a program/project manager based in San Francisco. She gave us a short talk on a topic we thought would be of general interest to our members.  Over the next several meetings, topic by topic, Women of Vision grew in appreciation and focus through what became known as the “Back to Biz Basics” series. (more info about Back to Biz Basics)

Now Brooke has stepped forward again to customize her management tool kit to our unique business needs.  And the“Business Clinic” is born!

Clinic opens September 29, 2011. Enroll HERE, get more information HERE.

“The number of barriers, whether financial, time management, or support system, can make it very challenging to achieve goals.  And each business is unique; one size solution does not fit all problems.  Whether you as the senior executive of your own business are guided by intuition and “gut feel” or by an analytical, carefully mapped system, your commitment to transformation from vision and plans to  results can be enhanced by working with a coach and an accountability partner.  This is why I created my BizTeamWorks Business Clinic.”

Brooke Dawson, PMP

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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