Brooke Dawsons Workshop notes

In a journey spanning 30+ years of service in numerous large and small organizations, military and civilian, I explored the workability of various organizational models and leadership styles. In the process, I discovered that certain basic organizational principles and tools emerged as common to them all.  I have condensed these principles and tools into 30- to 45-minute workshops to share with Women of Vision. My purpose is to put into the hands of each of you, by the end of each session, a practical tool that puts you more in control of reaching your goals as the senior executive of your business.

Back to Biz Basics #1: Organizational Design and Debug

We walk step-by-step through a model organization—a natural, sequential flow from the initial concept (business or product idea) through the execution phase (producing the product or service) to the final stage of customer receipt (and compensation for the product or service). You then apply it to the flow of your own business, logically mapping out from beginning to end the stages vital to producing your final product. Once you have named these stages it becomes easier to debug the barriers in the flow. We then step up to the level of business viability, defining its three simple elements and focusing the debug.

Back to Biz Basics #2: Closing the Gap Between the Current Reality and Your Ideal Scene

In the second talk we shift from the high-level, broad view presented in Biz Basics #1, to a sharper focus—on the specific point of your business vision or “ideal scene.”  Whether your business is new or mature, this exercise helps you clarify first where you want to be, then where you currently are relative to that ideal, and finally juxtapose the two to discover the major departures from the ideal.  This technique, called “structural tension,” was developed by Robert Fritz.

Back to Basics #3: Getting to Your Ideal Scene

Biz Basics #3 will provide those who attended Biz Basics #2 the opportunity to share with others any positive changes that have occurred since applying Robert Fritz’s “structural tension” technique at the previous Women of Vision retreat.  Newcomers will have the opportunity to learn the technique and try it, also discovering major departures from the ideal scene by juxtaposing it against the current scene.  You all will have the opportunity to relish in the joy of creating your ideal scene.

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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