Joan Espinosa, Wordsmith, Artist, Teacher

Joan is well known to Women of Vision as an artist and teacher. This year Joan introduces ClearWord Creative, a collaborative consulting service for entrepreneurs that fosters clear interpersonal communication in their business writing. Joan combines her love of clarity to promote understanding with a delight in the expressiveness of everyday language. ClearWord Creative enables her to join her design skills with a facility for written expression to bring clarity to website text and business documents of all kinds.

As a wordsmith, Joan takes a collaborative approach, collecting the ingredients in an initial interview to transform a draft, by intuiting the core of the message to find the main point. Conversational English also allows the client’s unique personality to emerge — a marketing goal for any business. Joan maintains this personal touch as a hallmark of her business style throughout the revamping process, using telephone and email contact as her guide whenever the material calls for it.

What do Joan’s clients say?

“As a creative thinker, Joan’s rich store of experience is infused with a natural sensitivity to the writer’s needs and goals…Joan always keeps the company’s values and mission as her guide as she gives the material thoughtful consideration and delivers fresh, well-rounded responses.”

— Zellerbach Associates, San Francisco

In the course of an eclectic series of professional careers and studies, Joan has spent the last sixteen years as a Bay Area business, technical and entrepreneurial writer, including on-call wordsmithing for Zellerbach Associates, and her own business as an artist.

For more information, she may be reached at (415) 987-2915

ClearWord Creative

creating clear communications

About Women of Vision San Francisco

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