Strategic Attraction

by Angel Stork

Natasha Zellerbach and I are working with the belief that as we define and seek our ideal clients, they are looking for us, too. The more carefully we define them, the easier it will be to find them, and for them to find us. This is part of our Strategic Attraction Plan, and the beginning of a process we introduced to Women of Vision in December 2009.

Based upon the book, Attracting Perfect Customers: the power of strategic synchronicity by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez (Berrett-Kohler Publishers, Inc. San Francisco, 2001), this unique marketing approach uses the natural Law of Attraction to build a customer base and a mindset that allows all parties to get what they want.

It begins by having a mission. Your personal mission and business mission statement should be congruent, inspiring and motivating. Your mission is what defines your life, and when blended into your business approach, can ignite your passion for your work. Your passion attracts others. Your passion makes you “visible” in a sea of people offering a similar service; your passion translates to aliveness with others and makes you more interesting.

Your passion is experienced as enthusiasm (from the Greek, entheos, or ‘god within’). Enthusiasm captures the attention, helps people listen for the first 30 seconds, and draws them in for more.

Worry attracts more worry; fear attracts more things to fear; focusing on what you don’t want brings more of that into your life. Conversely, focusing your attention on who you are, why you are here, and how your product or service is perfect for your ideal clients, attracts more ideal clients. I am fond of saying, “I am looking for people who are looking for me.”

Check out “Ideal Clients”

About Women of Vision San Francisco

We are entrepreneurial women supporting ourselves and each other through our work and passion. We network, learn and envision each other ideas in a caring, respectful and safe community.
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One Response to Strategic Attraction

  1. Natasha Zellerbach says:

    We have the choice to choose collaboration rather than competition! Zellerbach Associates has attracted clients using this principal.

    Please share your successes to help spreas the word.

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